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Flat Colors

21st Century Film Picture

Shines like an authentic high-gloss paint job—not like plastic.

Temperature extremes can be a finished model's worst enemy. The heat inside a car parked under the sun, for example, challenges any iron-on covering's ability to stay smooth and tight.

Only 21st Century Film has built in Shrink Control TM... a quality that gives it unusual stability when subjected to changes in temperature and humidity. Shrink Control also makes 21st Century Film easy to apply: the slower shrink rate increases your control and positioning time, helping you avoid wrinkles and sags from the start! 27" x 6' rolls.

Available in these 15 eyepopping colors:

White COVQ0201 White
Light Red COVQ0202 Light Red
Dark Blue COVQ0203 Dark Blue
Lemon Yellow COVQ0204 Lemon Yellow
Orange COVQ0205 Orange
Black COVQ0206 Black
Cub Yellow COVQ0207 Cub Yellow
Dark Red COVQ0208 Dark Red
Light Blue COVQ0209 Light Blue
Aluminum COVQ0210 Aluminum
Metal Red COVQ0211 Metal Red
Metal Blue COVQ0212 Metal Blue
Neon Yellow COVQ0213 Neon Yellow
Neon Red COVQ0214 Neon Red

Due to monitor limitations, colors shown may vary from actual film color. For best results, use a high color (32,000 colors) or greater setting


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